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We at the St. James Child Development Center are committed to providing a safe place for children to explore and to learn in a Christian-based environment. We strive to meet the high standards set by the State of Virginia. The Center is a non-profit organization licensed by the State of Virginia’s Department of Health and Human Services and approved by Henrico County’s Environmental Health Specialist, Local Fire Department and Building Inspector.
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Please find the enrollment information for new students of the St. James Child Development Center. At the time of enrollment, all completed forms need to be returned with the check list. Individual forms are required for each student for admission; however policy related forms can be submitted with more than one child’s name, from the same family. In addition to the Enrollment Packet, the registration fee and first week’s tuition should be submitted. A copy of the Parent Handbook, which allows us to provide you with the essential components and operation of our Center, will be distributed at the time of registration.